EVS project "Everyone is learning" took place in Narva, Estonia, within 15 months from 01.08.2015 to 31.10.2016. It brought to Narva 6 EVS volunteers from Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia to make their voluntary services in local communities.

 Fruzsi (Hungary), Eva (Germany), Daniele (Italy), Klara (Germany), Luka (Slovenia), Teresa (Italy), Miguel (Portugal)

The volunteers have been received by 5 organizations: VitaTiim NGO, Sädemeke, Tuluke and Potsataja kindergartens and Narva Vanalinna State School. Moreover, some partnering organizations - Narva and Ida-Virumaa schools, daily center for children with disabilities LAD, MTÜ Virumaa Heategevuskeskus aka Mercy Center were involved into cooperation with volunteers more actively.

The main goal of the project was to encourage intercultural dialogue and learning through providing international experience at local community and promoting learning mobility. The objectives of the project were:
- to increase intercultural sensitivity in Ida-Virumaa community;
- to increase positive attitude and support to cultural diversity in Ida-Virumaa community through experience of working, living and learning together with EVS volunteers;
- to increase number of Ida-Virumaa young people and organisations engaged in EVS through raising positive awareness about European Voluntary Service as learning service and creating personal links to EVS volunteers;
- to broaden young people's and their parents' new perspectives on the world and career development opportunities through bringing up EVS volunteers' personal life and career stories.

The EVS volunteers

1) Luka Lavrin from Slovenia volunteered in Narva Vanalinna State School from 02.10.2015 until 25.03.2016; 

2) Eva Maria Lange from Germany volunteered in non-formal learning centre VitaTiim from 02.10.2015 until 30.07.2016;

3) Daniele Fissasegola from Italy volunteered in Narva kindergarten Sädemeke from 02.10.2015 until 08.07.2016;

4) Fruzsi Horvath from Hungary volunteered in Narva kindergarten Tuluke from 02.10.2015 until 13.07.2016;

5) Teresa Giandon from Italy volunteered in Narva kindergarten Potsataja from 08.10.2015 until 07.03.2016;

6) Miguel Fachada from Portugal volunteered in non-formal learning centre VitaTiim from 16.10.2015 until 23.08.2016.

EVS volunteers' blog http://evsnarva20152016.blogspot.com.ee/ and video about their services and reasons to participate in EVS.

Luka's blog (in Slovenian and English): https://www.youthreporter.eu/de/profil/Luco0106/ 

Media about EVS and the volunteers

- interview with Miguel Fachada from Portugal and Jelena Djordjevic from France (the participant of EVS project "Everyone is learning vol. 2") at ETV+ studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnn0W3fFwR4 

- article about Luka's activities in school (in Russian)

- article about the volunteers' activities in kindergartens Tuluke and Potsataja (in Russian)

The results of volunteers' work in VitaTiim, which still remind us about the great working and learning experience with them: fireplace, mandala on the wall, wall decoration, international volunteers tree

Coordinator of the project: Natalia Klimenkova (Mahnova), tel. 55901537, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The EVS project "Everyone is learning" is supported by Erasmus+ Program