International youth exchange "Sinu mõju: International" is initiative of young people who already took part in other one project under KA3 and have a wish to continue to work together on other one project. This project is a continuation of already conducted with great success the project called "Sinu mõju".
Objectives of the project:
- to found out about methods of influence on decision-makers;
- to found out about advocacy methods;
- to discuss about situation with refugees in participating countries;
- to form personal opinion about situation with refugees;
- to found out how to protect themselves in information environment (prevent radicalism and promote tolerance);
- to develop skills and competencies;
- to get new contacts for future cooperation.
In the project will take part 32 participants and leaders.
Estonian group consist from 20 persons who study in 9-11th grades of Narva Vanalinna Riigikool, Kesklinna Gymnasium and Language lyceum and one participant from Krenholmi gymnasium. 

Countries: Estonia, Greece and Hungary

Time frames: 01-08-2016 - 31-12-2016


Project "Let's sound together" is an international youth exchange, the main aim is to improve intercultural competence of participating youth  through common music playing and influent other young people in order to form and/or develop tolerant attitude towards other cultures. We want not only form groups of people with different cultural backgrounds, but also make them 'sound together', work together in order to improve their sense of tolerance, musical, artistic and personal skills. We provide them their own experience of working in multicultural environment and by this, prepare the for their future adult life in, as we predict, very multiculturalized society. We want to learn how to deal with people with different background.

Countries: Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia

Time frames: 01-08-2016 - 28-02-2017


The project “AlterNative” was held in Iceland on 3-12th of May 2015.

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