International youth exchange "Sinu mõju: International" is initiative of young people who already took part in other one project under KA3 and have a wish to continue to work together on other one project. This project is a continuation of already conducted with great success the project called "Sinu mõju".
Objectives of the project:
- to found out about methods of influence on decision-makers;
- to found out about advocacy methods;
- to discuss about situation with refugees in participating countries;
- to form personal opinion about situation with refugees;
- to found out how to protect themselves in information environment (prevent radicalism and promote tolerance);
- to develop skills and competencies;
- to get new contacts for future cooperation.
In the project will take part 32 participants and leaders.
Estonian group consist from 20 persons who study in 9-11th grades of Narva Vanalinna Riigikool, Kesklinna Gymnasium and Language lyceum and one participant from Krenholmi gymnasium. 

Countries: Estonia, Greece and Hungary

Time frames: 01-08-2016 - 31-12-2016