Youth Exchange
CREW 2 - creative way against inequality
Crew is a Youth Exchange Project that aims to face the topic
of social inequalities through the practice of hip-hop culture's
The objective of the project will be creating a final jam where
all the work done during the week will converge.

Hip-hop culture has always had a strong connection with the
topic of social and economic inequalities. It was born as a
subculture, grew up in the suburbs of industrialized cities, as
the voice of voiceless people. Every verse, every step and every
image that comes from this culture is the fruit of this history. It
tells its origin and evolution.

Discovering the meaning of the art produced by hip-hop
culture is a way to reflect on the social inequalities from which
it arose and about how they are relevant today, despite the
rapid changes in society.

In this project we will explore 3 of the 4 disciplines that make
up hip-hop culture: breaking, djing and writing. Participants will
be split into two groups: group breaking + djing and group

The event willfeature live painting activities, a break dance
and freestyle rap performance, all brought to life by the young


The project is open to youngsters from 18 to 25 years old.
Each national group has to be composed of 5 participants + 1
. Each group has to be gender balanced and
internally divide its participants for area of interest:
Writing: 3 participants
Breaking and Djing: 3 participants

We're looking for participants who're strongly interested and
motivated in learning more about hip-hop culture and
disciplines. We recommend the participation of youngsters
with zero or little practical experience in the disciplines, since
the courses will be provided on a basic level.
The first edition of Crew took place in Altamura in May 2023.
Want to find out what happened? Watch our video documentary of the project.

Participation fee is 25 EUR. Fee could be reduced for participants with fewer opportunities.

Info-pack 2024

Crew Movie what's inside a Youth Exchange [Part 1]
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Registration open till 23.02.2024
Проект проходит при поддержке
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87