Station Narva 2020
Random Questions with Tegilinski
Vadim Markov
What does water taste like?

Water can taste differently depending on the situation, sometimes water tastes like desire when you are really thirsty. Sometimes it tastes like a relief when you wake up in the morning and you had a fun night. Sometimes water tastes like salt when the teardrops get on your lips, water can taste like many things - this is the magic of the water.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

It was Friday 14 of August, it was the first time I drove by myself on a highway in Tallinn, which was a lot of fun and scary as well.

What can make you smile?

Honestly, anything can make me smile: a thought in my head can make me smile, the way the sunshine through the leaves can make me smile, little kid running by make me smile. Colors can make me smile and buildings, anything!

What do you like about Narva?

Narva is my home and I like how it is so different and how it is undiscovered pearl and due to it not being discovered only a few people that know Narva can actually see the beauty of it, so I really like this hidden beauty and hidden uncovered potential and I am really excited to see the potential to realize. So my home being the pearl that not may people see and kinda throughout this, it is very like my place.

At this specific moment, would you buy tickets to Paris?

At this specific moment, I would really like to buy tickets to Paris (says it with a French accent), probably for the next summer and of course any time I would like to buy tickets to Paris, the question is with whom, but it is a whole other question. In case of tickets - yes, right now if I have the money I would straight up buy tickets, no doubt.

Foto: Anna Markova
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