Mariam Abashmadze
Have you ever wondered if you are doing something wrong? Probably yes, because in general
we all know what is wrong and what is right. We have been taught this since childhood. But
have you ever thought about from this learned rights things, how right are everything? One day
they told you that you can do this and you can't do this, but do we really know what we do is
right not?
All started a few years ago. It was one special days for my family, and we were getting ready to
celebrate and we were preparing special table with full of different dished, like mtsvadi(
barbecue) , chicken in tkemali sause, Kuchmachi (pork inside), and a variety of dishes, and of
course fish in foil. A fish that I still remember and that I will never forget.
Before I continue talking about fish. I want to explain to you what it means for Georgians and
what a meat dish meant to me. The dish is delicious if it is with meat! Georgians love meat, „the
best" Georgian dishes are made with meat, for Georgians, the dish has more animal fat is more
delicious. A grandmother who does not feed her grandchildren with meat will die of
nervousness. My grandmother also had always kept the best pieces of fried chicken for me. And
me, as a granddaughter of my grandmother, as a Georgian and as a lover of food, I loved meat,
I loved it more than anything, I loved it even more than chocolate or ice-cream, before the fish
wrapped in foil.
lets go back to that special day. My mother and I went to the market to buy products. We went
to the fish section and my mother started to choose a fish from dead fishes section. I stopped
next to a small aquarium. Inside were a lot of different size of fishes, they were swimming from
one side to another, this little aquarium wasn't enough for them, they were crashing to each
other during the swimming and it didn't seemed like comfortable for them. And I inadvertently
started thinking about their past. They lived in the river, or in the lake, or in the sea, or even in
the ocean. Their world is so huge, how free they are. Some follow the flow, some swim against
it, Some dive so deep into the ocean as if approaching the heart of the earth. They live there,
far away from us, in a huge and hidden world. But no! The hand of a cruel man reached them
too and they are locked up here, in the aquarium of prestige supermarket in Tbilisi, from their
wonderful world.
The chaos in the aquarium stopped me from thinking. The fish have no mimics, but that day I
seemed to see the face of a mad fish, who was trying to escape the butcher, but could not
escape, as it was in the aquarium. The butcher put something in the aquarium and killed the
fish in front of me. The counsultant boy was smiling at me, and I wanted to cry and screem.
In the evening, at the table, in front of me, was a fish wrapped in foil, But it was no longer a
fried fish for me, it was a killed fish!
I didn't eat meat that day.
And I haven't eaten meat since that day!
I did not stop eating meat because of taste. I stopped for ethics, morality, decency, compassion
to the animals that I share this planet with. This is how I show others how peaceful I am.
Yes, we've been told that we can eat animals, but think well. Animals are suffering and they are
tortured every day and you telling me that it's right? No it's not right, it's not freedom, it's not
peace! We are not cavemen anymore, it's 2020 and it's time for personal revolution.
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