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The mission of VitaTiim is to create a supportive and inspiring environment so all of us could be a better version of ourselves, discover our own role in the global world and become flexible in an era of constant change and uncertainty.
Our goals
Empowering young people
We help to unleash the creative potential of young people. We want them to be self-confident and know opportunities to develop, act value-based and care mindfully about their community and the World.
Developing youth work in the Ida-Viru region
We support the development of youth work in the region addressing nowadays realities and innovations. It is essential for us to support Russian-speaking youth workers in increasing their professional capacity in the international and digital youth work, volunteering activities, youth empowerment and value-based youth work.
Promoting non-formal education, value-based and fair youth work
We enrich the diversity of educational approaches by promoting the principles of non-formal education. Also, we involve more youth organisations, youth specialists and especially young people with fewer opportunities and special needs in youth work. We want more people to be aware of the values and qualities of the local and international youth work.
Evolving of cross-sectoral cooperation for encouraging global synergy, solidarity and learning ecosystem
We want to establish a strong network in youth work and cooperation with other fields and sectors. Besides, we spread the idea of the importance of synergy, unity and solidarity. Together with a wide circle of stakeholders, we form an ecosystem for young people and the community to grow and develop.
We work with
- Young people 14-26 years old from Ida-Viru county with native Russian language. Including young people with fewer opportunities (youth from families with socio-economic obstacles, LGBTQ+ and NEET youth);

- Youth workers, educators, teachers, free-time teachers from Estonia with the native Russian language, and international community of youth workers

- Children 8-14 years old from Ida-Viru County;

- Parents and our community.

VitaTiim has long-term experience in international and local youth work and training. Mostly we work in Ida-Viru county, especially in Narva, but we work with Russian-speaking communities in other Estonian cities and on the International level as well.
We organise:
Local youth work activities: youth clubs, supporting youth initiatives, cultural and educational events, volunteers club, camps, community evenings, etc.
International youth work activities: Erasmus+ international projects, training and partnership.
Volunteering activities: European Solidarity Corps projects and local volunteering;
Youth info activities: youth magazine Narvamus and promotion of youth opportunities.
Educational programs and training for youth workers, teachers, educators.
Jelena Lohmatova
+372 51 20 998
Julia Dem
Organisational development manager

+372 559 217 87
Galina Kushanova
Project manager
Beata Lamauskaitė
International volunteers coordinator
Mikhail Mogutov
Project manager
(study leave)
+372 5854 84 53
Nina Kapanadze
Project manager
Marina Pavlova
Art teacher
Dmitri Lohmatov
Financial manager
Vadim Markov
Publisher of Narvamus
Content manager
Ljubov Terukova
Designer of Narvamus
Alina Vorontšihhina
Youth worker
Alisa Basanskaya
Youth worker
Danila Sviridov
Project assistant
Mélina Marcoux
Volunteer from France
Eliška Janasová
Volunteer from Czechia
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Tuleviku 7 Narva, Estonia