About ECO citizen ESC volunteering in Tenerife

In April Estonian team went for the short-term ESC volunteering project "ECO citizen" in Tenerife.

The EcoCitizen project was an unparalleled opportunity to engage deeply with environmental conservation from multiple angles. Our journey began with a comprehensive study of Wales' marine life, focusing on dolphins and their habitats, which was both enlightening and inspiring.
Our commitment extended beyond research; we actively contributed to animal welfare on a local farm and took significant steps to combat pollution by cleaning a nearby beach.

Photos done by Vivian Ränkel and Hannah
The end of our project was putting together and presenting an educational show about pollution for kids at a nearby school and at an eco-festival. It wasn't just about telling them pollution is bad; we wanted to inspire them to make a difference and take care of our planet.

The EcoCitizen project showed how committed our team is to helping the environment. We learned a lot, took action, and spoke up for what we believe in. It left us feeling proud of what we achieved and optimistic about the future of our world.

Project supported
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87