Youth Voice Counts

Active Citizens' Fund
"Youth Voice Counts" is a local project in Narva, the main goal of which is to increase the active citizenship and awareness of young people in the city of Narva in political processes.
Why and what we do?
The civic activity of Narva city residents is low, which is also proved by the voter turnout and the results of various surveys. Narva's young people do not have an alternative opportunity to receive political and civic education in addition to school education, and the support of people working with young people is not at a sufficient level that they could motivate the young people. Unfortuantely young people have little interest in community, city, national and European issues.

Within the framework of the project, we organize open meetings for young people on various topics about society, the involvement of young people in decision-making and the organization of youth-city government communication. We conduct trainings "Your Impact" and children's camps on politics, democracy, journalism and active citizenship of young people and children. We also offer training for people working with young people in order to better involve young people, establish contact with them, support them and motivate them to express their opinions freely.

Total budget: 53911,28 еuro
The project is funded by the Active Citizens' Fund (acf.ee).
What will be futher?

Our perspective – educated young people who understand democratic values, are able to distinguish between different forms of governance; know how to contribute to society and solve problems and express their opinions. Young people have an adequate attitude towards decision-makers and are willing to work with them. In addition, people working with young people are able to encourage and properly involve young people; to increase young people's activity and initiative, and to create the right conditions for young people to make their voices heard and make the changes they want to make.
Project supported by
Mikhail Mogutov
project manager
Phone: +372 584 484 53
E-mail: mikhail@vitatiim.ee