October 2020 - September 2022

Bridge to multicurtural learning and creating

Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic Partnership
The challenge addressed by the project is fast ageing. Due to rising life expectancy, the proportion of older people in Europe is increasing rapidly.
Active ageing and solidarity between generations are key to the creation of a Europe for all ages. The transmission of older people's knowledge and skills to the younger generations should be encouraged and their skills should be utilised after retirement, for example through voluntary work.
Multigenerational learning as an answer to the above challenges represents one of the most important means of overcoming gaps between generations.

The project aims to increase the quantity and above all enhance the quality of multigenerational cooperation between the oldest and the youngest generation - seniors and preschool children.

The project's main target group is senior mentors. The project aims to provide seniors with opportunities for active ageing by training them for multigenerational programs mentoring.

Partner organizations:
- Zasavska ljudska univerza – Slovenia
- Vrtec Trbovlje – Slovenia
- Pučko otvoreno učilište Koprivnica – Croatia
- Dječji vrtič Tratinčica – Croatia
- Mittetulundusuhing VitaTiim – Estonia
- C. educational LTD – Cyprus
- Ljudska univerza Jesenice – Slovenia.

The overall project objective is to develop and pilot four well-planned multigenerational activities programs, which will become a part of regular activities of all project partner organizations.
Project supported
Nina Kapanadze
youth worker
Phone: + 375 581 24 709
E-mail: nina@vitatiim.ee