Training for youth workers

Civitas -
Promoting Active Citizenship through Youth Work

29 September - 7 October 2023 | Veli Iž, Croatia
This activity aims to address the knowledge gap among European youth about the European Union (EU), which leads to missed opportunities and limited participation in democratic processes. The plan is to enhance youths' media literacy, critical thinking skills, and understanding of the EU's functioning and values through non-formal education methods. This will not only encourage active citizenship and democratic participation but also boost employability, initiative, self-esteem, and intercultural awareness, thus fostering a sense of European identity. The goal is to increase the quality of youth work in partner organizations, helping to overcome social, cultural, and geographic obstacles faced by local youth.
Activity's aim will be achieved through three specific objectives:
- increasing knowledge of partners' youth workers related to the Union's functioning, common
EU values, and fundamental rights
- increasing knowledge, competences and skills of partners' youth workers related to
promoting media literacy and critical thinking among youth
- exchanging experiences of participating organisations on how to use non-formal education in
promoting active citizenship among youth

Methods used
We will use non-formal methods during the training course. Sessions will include research, analysing,
group and individual work, storytelling, presentations, games and exchange of skills, knowledge,
experiences and good practice in the field of youth work. The programme will be based on
participatory methods in order to offer space for interaction between participants and sharing of
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