Closer to the Roots

Team volunteering project in Estonia
"Closer to the Roots" is team volunteering project which seeks to contribute
to raising awareness about sustainable development by promoting national
and international cooperation among young people from different countries,
as well as implementing activities for environmental protection and
increasing understanding and tolerance of different cultures and beliefs.
12 participants from different countries will be involved in activities such as:

- "Everyone is learning" community festival;
- cleaning walks with local youngsters;
- gardering - community garden in VitaTiim and Art residency;
- fashion show (from "Tuda-Sjuda" boutique clothes) and swap party;
- filming about ecology in teams - tiktok videos;
- workshops: sustainable bags, soap and scrub making, smart cooking;
healthy lifestyle;
- preparing community evening, preparing and volunteering in camp (work with kids, organising activities,
supporting camp team);
- preparing digital exhibition "closer to the roots".
      Dear Vitatiim,

      As I am waiting for my next flight in Helsinki's airport, the song Everybody's Changing by Keane is playing. It sounds very nostalgic to me. And as it is playing, I am picturing us all during the festival, at the beach, at Roro's, in Tallinn, in the kids camp, having fun. A lot of fun.

      I feel very grateful to you Vitatiim. Firstly, because you confirmed what I know about myself. Or at least what I think I know. And made me discover new things as well. Secondly, because you allowed me to take part in so many different activities: the logistics of a festival, a community evening, painting, gardening and organising a kids camp. And finally, because you allowed me to meet Beata, Antonia, Emilie, Romane, Lea, Ben, Ondrej, Sebas, Miguel, Ilya, Danila, Lasha, Mariam, Nastya, Alisa, Julie, Olesia, Tsira, Simon, Nina, Vadim, Misha, Galina, Marina and many locals from Narva.

      For sure, the city appeared to me at first quite peculiar. Not really what I expected from the country's third city. But it has its own charm. I even got used to the mosquitoes at some point.

      So, thank you Vitatiim for allowing me to be part of such a beautiful adventure and for putting wonderful people on my way.

      I wish you to receive as many extraordinary persons as you can.

      Have a lovely day,

      Project supported
      Beata Lamauskaite
      project manager
      Phone: + 375 552 2492
      E-mail: beata@vitatiim.ee