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04.-25. April 2023 | Tenerife, Canary islands, Spain
ECO CITIZEN! is a team volunteering project.

During three weeks get a perfect opportunity to learn more about cetaceans and gain valuable experience in conservation as well as raising awareness of the importance of marine conservation globally.
About hosting organisation:

The AWdF, through its operating base in Tenerife, runs a conservation and research programme where it has run it's volunteer programme on the whale watching boats for some twenty-five years, and it provides the opportunity for you to 'Do Something' and to 'Make a Difference.'
The Whales and Dolphins of the Atlantic Oceans and adjacent seas are under threat as never before - from populations of Blue Whales and Right Whales on the verge of extinction in the North Atlantic, to Belugas decimated through pollution in St Lawrence. Vaquita reduced to dozens rather than hundreds through by-catch, and River dolphins in Brazil being destroyed by deforestation and pollution. The illegal use of drift nets, by-catch, continued hunting, the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the marine environment and the poisoning of our oceans with toxic chemicals are devastating our environment and nature and bringing many of our cetacean species to the very brink of extinction.


- 21-30 y.o
- ability to communicate in English
- interest to the sustainability issues and supporting whales and dolphins
- openness for new experience and knowledge
- embracing the values of solidarity, respect for human dignity, and human rights

Creativity team: will create a campaigns for locals about conservation issues (street performances, beach cleanings, flash mobs, etc.)

Boat team: researches on the boat

House team: Visibility content + researchers database

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