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Guiding Paths

25 September - 03 October 2023 | Lecce, Italy
"Guiding Paths" is an international training program that empowers youth workers to become agents of cultural transformation. Through nature-based holistic development and mentoring, participants forge deep connections with the Earth, their inner selves, and others. This transformative program fosters personal growth, cultivates self-awareness, and promotes collaboration among diverse youth workers.

The training course will bring together 24 participants from: Romania, Italy, Spain, Greece, Estonia, Sweden, Cyprus.

The Objectives of the Mobility "Guiding Paths" are:
1. To create a space of deep transformation and learning, in which the participants can evolve at personal and professional level
2. To develop the knowledge of those involved in the areas of holistic human development and mentoring
3. To engage the participants in the process of skills development in the themes of the project
4. To motivate the participants to become agents of cultural transformation and multipliers of nature based human development.

Topics and Training Methodology

Our approach integrates elements of depth psychology, ecopsychology, embodiment, experiential learning, outdoor education, deep nature connection, and indigenous wisdom, all aimed at cultivating authentic, responsible, empowered, and visionary individuals.

Themes and Topics
During the course, we will explore various themes and topics, including:

Nature-Based Psychological Models and Tools: Delving into the human psyche, understanding our behaviors, and gaining insights into our profound functioning.

Self-Exploration: Engaging in somatic practices to connect with our inner world, uncovering our talents, gifts, passions, dreams, longings, and personal mission.

Mentoring: Developing the skills to support and empower others through deep listening, asking questions, mirroring, tracking, and providing unconditional support and embodied presence.

Storytelling: Engaging with folktales, wisdom stories, myths, and personal narratives to explore the power of storytelling.

Nature Connection: Immersing in practices and activities that foster deep connections with nature, while learning from the wisdom of the natural world and engaging in ecosomatic practices.

Artistic Expressions (drawing, land art, theater, poetry, music, etc.): Tapping into our inner artist and discovering diverse artistic mediums for authentic self-expression.

Movement and Embodiment: Connecting with the wisdom of our bodies, exploring various avenues of self-expression and authenticity through movement, dance, contact improvisation, mindfulness, and ecosomatic practices.

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