Project Duration: 2018 - 2020

International Entrepreneurship Education

Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic Partnership
International Entrepreneurship Education (IEE) provides a new approach both to teaching and to learning. Learners decide the topics they wish to learn and learn through experience. Faculty serve as facilitators, mentors, and coaches, and teach learners - well ideally show learners how to live a more fulfilled life. This IEE requires teachers to be willing to 'walk the talk'.

Being exposed to a wide range of subjects, learning about skills or subjects that personally interest the learners, and learning in compatible teams, in the community will motivate the learners to find what inspires them most, their own path.

So the objective of the IEE is to give the individual better clarification regarding their choice of career path and way in life. It provides a bridge between elementary school, upper secondary or vocational education and higher education, or a direct way to self-employment - it even provides a really great way to spend a gap year in a learning community. Young people who participate in the IEE realize that learning is a life-long endeavour that can be fun and rewarding at the same time.

Target groups
The three project partners from Denmark, Finland and Estonia have at any given time had 2-5 people each involved in the project.
The student participants have been volunteers or school students between 12-40 years of age piloting various modules in all three partner countries.
Project supported
Galina Kushanova
Project Manager