Project P'ART OF ME through art, theater and storytelling wants to achieve community development with increasing young people's (local youth + young refugees in Ukraine) active participation in community life and build the bridge between communities and youth.
Project also aims to support local communities uncover and value the resources that together local youth and young refugees from Ukraine bring to society.

In the frames of project are planned 3 main activities:

  • Small local community events - To visit 6 different cities of Estonia and Latvia and make different activities with local youth, young refugees from Ukraine, local youth organizations and overall with the local community.

  • Community festival in Narva, Estonia- where youth from different cities of Estonia and Latvia meet.

  • Creating the magazine, P'ART OF ME , on the basis of materials, tools, stories we gathered during the whole project.

Expected results of the project are:

- More engaged young people in community life.

- More strong connections with local youth and youth from Ukraine.

- More refugees from Ukraine are connected and supported by the local communities in Estonia and in Latvia.

- Strengthened connection between youth and local community.

- Increased solidarity, trust, and social cohesion within a community.

- Enhanced Capacities of Communities to produce events connected to the art, theater, storytelling.
      Project supported
      Nina Kapanadze
      Project coordinator
      Phone: + 375 581 24 709
      E-mail: nina@vitatiim.ee