Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic partnership
The aim of Reflector project is to foster quality improvements in youth work through increasing the quality of reflection process with young people in non-formal education in order to support the development of agency and active citizenship.
- enhance competences of youth workers to facilitate learning processes and support young people's development through reflective practice;
- provide and enrich youth workers with hands-on, innovative, accessible resources to support learning;
- increase capacity of the participating organisations through enhancing cooperation, exchange of good practices and developing innovative approaches;
- gather reflective practices, practices, methods and tools and create intellectual outputs: an App for facilitating reflection with young people and guidelines for youth workers on how to use the App for that purpose.

Within the project will be developed two Intellectual outputs:
2. IO2: Guidelines on how to use the App for the purpose of facilitating reflection and support

The project involves 5 partner organisations from Estonia, Finland, Italy, Slovenia and Portugal.The main target group we address is youth workers, leaders, facilitators of non-formal learning, school youth work managers (professional and volunteers) and all those who support young people through youth work and non-formal learning. The beneficiaries are young people.

      Project supported
      Julia Dem
      project manager
      Phone: + 375 559 217 87
      E-mail: julia@vitatiim.ee