Restore. Transform. Flourish

Erasmus+, KA 1 Mobility for youth workers within Erasmus + Accreditation

28 February - 08 March 2022
Overall aim of the training is to support participants in creating a transformative environment for learners through personal reflection, embodiment and mindfulness practices. To enrich youth professional activities with mindfulness approach, methods and techniques in order to support learners and wellbeing and mental health, efficiency and active participation. To create a space where participants can express themselves and share their own experience in order to cultivate openness, compassion and curiosity in the learning process, to be deeply connected to ourselves, nature and environment.
After the training participants:

  • familiar with a concept of non-formal education and transformative learning;
  • have clearer overview of own capabilities, strengths and space for growth through reflective practices;
  • gain knowledge about mindfulness as a method and a practice;
  • gain personal experience in mindfulness and embodiment practices;
  • find a way to incorporate practice in daily life and into work with learners/ young people;
  • able to support themselves and learners on a deeper level;
  • gain new ideas and inspiration through exchange with colleagues from different countries.
Competencies that will be developed by participants of the course (according ETS Competencies model of youth workers working internationally):

  • Facilitating individual and group learning in an enriching environment (skill of choosing appropriate methods & assessing young people's learning needs & objectives, skill of identifying, organising & referring to appropriate resources to support one's own learning, skill of initiating & supporting self-reflection on learning, skill of empathising in a way that others can learn from one's experience, knowledge about emotions & emotional mechanisms, etc. )
  • Designing programmes (skill of working with & on values through different [learning] approaches, skill of developing meaningful programmes that motivate & engage young people, etc.)
  • Organising and managing resources (awareness of one's own competences and resources, knowledge of emotional mechanisms in groups & with individuals, knowing how to empower young people to organise & manage resources, etc.)
  • Communicating meaningfully with others (openness to expressions of feelings & emotions, readiness to take a step back & reflect, ability to actively listen, being able to encourage sharing & mutual support within the group, knowing how to develop, adapt & apply methods that support awareness of one's own identity & its intrinsic elements, ability to demonstrate empathy in a way that others can learn from it, ability to deal with emotions and to ask for support when needed, etc.)

🌸 Restore. Transform. Flourish 🌸
The project will take place in Portugal, Madeira island on 28 February - 08 March
Participants will be accommodated in a hotel Villa Alto Boutique. This is a small boutique hotel that found its home in the 19th-century country manor.

Expences regarding accommodation and travel covered within Erasmus+ programme.
Program avalible here.
Some changes may appear.

What to bring?
- COVID-19 certificate
- Health insurance (including COVID-19)
- Comfortable cloth for outside
- Comfortable cloth for inside
- Comfortable cloth for morning practices
- Warm clothes for windy and rainy days
- Yoga mat if possible
- Swimming suit for pool
- Umbrella and rain coat
- Personal hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste)
- Medication (anti-allergy pills, pain killers, aspirin etc. if you need such
- Other items that you personally consider necessary to carry with
- Smiles, lots of positive energy and motivation :)!

You also may contribute to coffee-breaks with yours local snacks!
How to reach?
By plain to Funchal, other information will be given later.

Travel budget depend on the distance.
COVID-19 measures
Entering and measures

Participants are only one group in the facilities.
Youth workers, educators and facilitators, for those who support humans in their development.
Age - 20+
Ability to communicate in English
Participation fee
Participation fee is 50 - 100 EUR depending on personal situation. For the participants facing obstacles, the participating fee could be decreased.
Join the project
We will inform you about selection process soon
Project supported
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87