Solidarity for Sustainable Life Vol.2

European Solidarity Corps
The aim will be achieved through the implementation of volunteering activities by 10 young volunteers (18-30 years old) from Germany, Spain, Georgia, France, Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Slovakia during 8-12 months (07.09.2019 to 30.08.2020) in 9 Hosting Organisations in Narva, Narva-Jõesuu, Sillamae and Kohtla-Järve cities.
General Objectives of project:- offering an inspiring and empowering experience in Ida-Virumaa for 10 young people from different countries;- supporting 9 local host organisations in starting their work in European Solidarity Corps and providing a respectful and trusting hosting environment for international volunteers;- providing an intercultural learning environment in the local community for the duration of the project;- promoting sustainability through activities, such as volunteers mini-projects, workshops, live libraries, informational events, festival "Everyone is learning" and etc. The additional tasks supporting the project objectives are:

T1: to arrange the on-arrival training by the coordinating organisation VitaTiim NGO, during which the volunteers will have workshops related to the meaning of sustainability and sustainable development and its realisation in their working places. This will be the first step to accumulate all activities which can be implemented to increase sustainability.

T2: to create and implement volunteers' own mini-projects related to sustainability. The main idea of the mini-projects will be that volunteers should show their understanding of sustainability in a practical way.

T3: to organise the community learning festival „EVERYONE IS LEARNING", to bring together volunteers, guests from different cities of Estonia and the local community of all ages to learn together and learn from each other, act on behalf of the community in promoting initiative, learning, cooperation, knowledge sharing and intercultural dialogue. Moreover, this festival can be a space for spreading the results of the "Solidarity for sustainable life" project and raising awareness of the value of volunteering for young people and for communities.

T4: to arrange the Volunteers' Job shadowing for local youth. This activity aims to increase the number of young people who are interested in such international experience and activities.

T5: to increase solidarity and awareness of sustainability in the Ida-Virumaa region we with our volunteers will arrange different kinds of activities during the project time. Activities will include zero waste workshops, live libraries, culture evenings, social responsibility related activities and other solidarity based workshops.

Application process:
If you are interested in the project, please, press the "APPLY" button and fill the application form or send us your CV and motivation letter as soon as possible to Skype interviews will be held with the potential volunteers.
Project supported
Beata Lamauskaite
project manager
Phone: + 375 552 2492