Youth Dialogue in Bilingual Communities

Erasmus+ KA154 YOU Youth participation activities
The overall aim of this project is to increase dialogue between young people and policy makers and to promote the involvement of young people at local level.
By increasing the involvement of young people, young people's influence at the local level increases and young people's understanding of the importance and impact of their participation in their hometown improves. During the project, the focus will be on three cities in parallel: Tallinn, Jõhvi and Narva. The simultaneous involvement of the three cities contributes to increasing the participation of young people, as it offers participants the opportunity to learn from each other's good experiences and to exchange ideas with young people working for similar goals in other cities. The project will carry out surveys mapping young people's opportunities for participation and desire to participate, community hack events looking for solutions to community problems, youth community projects and regular roundtables with decision-makers. As many young people do not have practical experience with participatory decision-making or dialogue with decision-makers, this will be an important pilot activity connecting the three cities.
Project supported
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87
E-mail: julia@vitatiim.ee