01.09.2018 - 31.12.2019

After 2020

Erasmus+, KA2 - Strategic partnership
The project «After 2020» is an international strategic partnership project with the aim to raise professional capacity participating youth workers in order to help them to support young people in developing competences according nowadays realities and future jobs.

⚡️To explore different exist competence models for to help youth workers to adapt learning process to the nowadays realities and priorities;

⚡️To develop skills of youth workers to organise and facilitate learning process in order to support young people in future integration into the labor market;

⚡️To exchange good practices and experience in supporting young people in developing competnces; To explore together with youth workers and young people jobs of future and ways how to be prepared for them;

⚡️To develop and deliver new activities and services for young people 13-16 y.o in order to support them in developing competnces and future integration to the labor market;

⚡️To develop network on international and regional levels.

Good Practices
Project supported
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87
E-mail: julia@vitatiim.ee