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Familiarization program for new participants in youth organization Young Folks
Aim of the activity
We are creating a familiarization program in which new participants will get acquainted with the youth organization. During a 2-week program, participants get to know with all areas in Young Folks.
Youth will leave their comfort zone and will communicate with other participants.We popularize active position and activity in youth, showing examples of our organization.
Through our activities, youngsters learn about the opportunities that our organization can provide. Practically and theoretically, youngsters see in what areas of the organization they can prove themselves.Through the program, they also cognize themselves and, together with the mentors, sort out their desires and dreams.

Description of the activity

The program runs for 2-3 weeks. Participants are offered a calendar with events. We have 3 required meetings where Young Folks leaders talk about the organization's capabilities.
The first meeting is dedicated to all the courses and meetings we hold. We tell our story and the story of our leaders.
At the second meeting, we are discussing the guys's initiative, what they dream about and their plans for the future. During the second meeting we prepare for each participant an individual plan that they can create in the Young Folks organization.
During the third meeting, we reflect with the participants. We discuss their impressions of the program and what was most unexpected and terrible for them. Youth will be able to analyze themselves and see the progress.
Aside from required meetings, we also offer a large number of optional meetings, they can be devoted to any interests: cinema evening, music meetings, meetings devoted to ecology, an English club and much more.
At these meetings, participants get to know other leaders of the organization and begin to join the community.


Participants got acquainted with the capabilities of our organization. Participants make new friends and constantly participate in the life of a youth organization.
They determined their dreams and plans and realize their in Young Folks. Participants develop their outlook and become more independent.
Good Practices
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Julia Dem
project manager
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