01.09.2022 - 01.03.2024

Peaceful minds

Erasmus+, Strategic partnership in youth work
Within the current project we would like to increase capability of participating organisation towards:
- work with refugees and asylum seekers in order to contribute towards solidarity and cohesive Europe;
- using peacemaking and peace building in work with young people, youth workers and educators through training and practical implementation;
- reducing and decreasing consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war and refugees crisis through active youth engagement, integration activities, community work and social campaigns.

Within the project we want to create peacemaking educational programmes for youth leaders, workers and educators; youth and community led events to connect and build dialogue between ukrainian refugees and local population and events to support mental health and trauma release.
Project partners:
Mittetulundusühing VitaTiim, Estonia - the applicant
3D Friends, Latvia
KC Priestor, Slovakia
      Project supported
      Julia Dem
      project manager
      Phone: + 375 559 217 87
      E-mail: julia@vitatiim.ee